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Namaste! My name is Gracie Simmons, a Baker native and married mother of four. I owe a huge thank you to my sweet partner in life, Kirk, for being my backbone and having the idea to open this studio in February 2018. He’s never stopped believing in me.

My husband and kids are my joy, but also they are a lot of work! 😉 With the craziness of our world and the many stresses of motherhood, I am so thankful for finding these ancient teachings during a time in my life when I needed them most. Yoga has allowed me to connect with deeper parts of myself that I didn’t know how to before and to bring stillness and clarity to my mind, body and soul. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you all and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to open the doors to new possibilities in Crestview! My yoga journey is just beginning but as my teacher Laura says, “If your desire is sincere, you will study for the rest of your life.”

I hope for Grateful Hearts to be known as a safe place of happiness, peace and love where you can come to learn more about yourself and your practice and escape the chaos of everyday life by adding movement and strength to the body and peace and calm to the mind and spirit. I hope to inspire others with my life by sharing my light with everyone, no matter our differences or life experiences. I thank God for this opportunity and for catapulting me on this new journey on which I may never have embarked upon on my own. I honor and acknowledge that He guides my every step on this journey of service to my community.

Looking forward to meeting you all and building our Grateful Hearts Yoga Tribe together in Crestview!

With my love & gratitude,

Gracie Simmons

Types of Classes We Offer

Restorative | Hatha | Vinyasa | Goat Yoga |Buti Yoga | heated classes Beginner & Accessible Yoga for all

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Namaste, I am Gracie Simmons! 

I began taking yoga classes once a week when my youngest of four children started preschool and the “me time” was finally available to me. It wasn’t long before I realized I would forever be a student of yoga because the practice had changed me in ways I never could have imagined. It holds true today, come to your mat however you are, and the magic of yoga will transform you if you let it. As I tell my classes, I am your instructor but I simply make suggestions and hold the space, you have to do the work from within. Honor your body and become the best version of yourself! I look forward to meeting you and sharing my practice with you! 



I am a wife, mother, pet mom and aspiring creative. After suffering a spine and spinal cord impingement injury subsequent surgery in 2017, yoga has been an incredible tool for healing, both physically and spiritually. Through postures and meditation, yoga has allowed me to seek solace and find inner peace within our busy world. I enjoy connecting with people in the community and sharing experiences and ideas. I have a passion for all vinyasa flows but love introducing beginners to the basics and helping them find what feels right to their body.  


Andrea’s calm and compassionate spirit guides you through outstanding yoga practices. She comes to us with 10+ years of teaching experience from her home studio of Dragonfly Yoga Studies in FWB. To know her is to love her and her passion for helping each and every soul in her classes to fully relax and just be. She creates and holds a serene, tranquil space for her students to heal mind, body & spirit. 


My name is Amy. I am a wife and mother of 5. I am currently in YTT at Dragonfly Yoga Studies & will be finishing soon. I enjoy yoga because it’s a good balance of meditation and exercise. I love Mexican food, football, traveling, underdogs & babies of all kinds.

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I started my Yoga journey in the late winter of 2017. My dear friend Sarah wanted to try Yoga and I offered to go with her so she wouldn’t have to go alone. Within weeks I became a regular at the Cambio Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs. I quickly fell in love with Vinyasa and hot styles of yoga. Not only did it offer a great warm workout in the middle of the Colorado winter but it also helped reduce a huge amount of stress and pressure from working in the sales industry at the local Military base Commissaries. With orders to move to Florida in late 2018, I had temporarily stopped going to yoga in order to deal with the stresses of moving a household across the country.
​One of the amazing things about being a spouse of an active duty member is meeting so many wonderful people. Moving to Florida helped me reconnect and rekindle a friendship I had in Colorado. Lori helped encourage me to come back to yoga with her at Grateful Hearts Yoga Studio in Crestview. With that encouragement and a regular practice I decided to pursue a career in yoga and enrolled in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2020 at Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach.
​Yoga has helped me in every aspect of my life. From dealing with day to day stresses of life, to running more efficiently with my two Siberian Huskies, to having better communication skills with my husband. But most importantly it has helped me to love and accept myself for who I am. To be able to melt into my body and mind to clear and heal old wounds is absolutely freeing. My hope with my approach to Hot Vinyasa style Yoga is to bring a freedom of being ones self to each person I meet.

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