What is prader-willi?

Our Sunday afternoon meditation class is free with donations accepted. Donations will go to monthly rotating charities. Special needs is a huge part of our family’s life because our youngest daughter Angel, was diagnosed shortly after birth with a genetic life-altering, present from birth condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome, PWS for short. PWS is a complex disease affecting the hypothalamus in the brain and therefore disrupting several body functions such as sleep and wake cycles, emotions, temperature regulation, thirst and hunger. Hunger being the key word here as the most well know factor of the disease is that individuals who suffer from this disease (which currently has no cure), are CONSTANTLY and INSATIABLY Hungry. 

Our family tries to host annual fundraisers called One Small Step for PWS Walks to bring awareness for our daughter and her friends around the world with this disease and to raise money to help FIND A CURE!

Other special needs families hold a tender part of our hearts now and we’d love to help shed some light on some other rare diseases and help them to feel the love our studio has to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read and joining us on this endeavor.

To learn more about PWS visit this site.

Gracie and Kirk

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